Do I Have To Share With “The Cat”?


Bath Time, Not Cleaning Time!

My human pet…She is kind, and loving and loves to clean.  Here I am waiting for a bath, when she tells me that she is cleaning the tub.  The tub was just cleaned 2 days ago!  So I killed another grasshopper and didn’t eat all the legs…I left 3 in the tub..and she freaks out.  Well, until I see bubbles…I am not moving anywhere. 

No Judgement Here

A Cat who thinks she is a dog…A Dog that thinks he is a cat.  There is no judgement placed.  We can learn a lot from our pets.  The love that they have for each other is unconditional..They don’t care about color, nor being different.  As I watch these two..It makes me wonder.  What if humans can treat other humans in a kind fashion?  Not being judgemental…Not caring what color a person’s skin color is…If he or she is disabled…Rich or Poor…Who Cares?  It is all about treating each other with compassion, love, and respect.  Not laughing at a person because they are different, or do different things than you do.  Trust me here, I know what that is about.  I felt that wrath all throughout my Childhood…As I still do to this day.  Looking at my pets warmed my hearts…For they “GET IT”.  No Judgement do they feel…Just Love. 

Embracing Getting Older

Meet me.  I will be 56 this July.  I feel amazing, and very blessed.  My children are now adults, and doing wonderful, I have a new home that was really a blessing! And Guardian Angels that are true blue friends.  They also are my voice of reason, and are always there for me when I need them. They never question me, only offer advice and love.  Thank you Roxanne, Lorraine, Drea, Michelle, and Laura.  Without them, this world would be a cold place.  I look at myself in the mirror, and see some lines that were not there a few months ago…and I will not go to the Plastic Surgeon and get a butt lift, boob lift, or whatever lifts are out there.  For if I do, I am sure the Plastic Surgeon would have to take some medication before I walk through the darn door.  I am a simple lady, who loves simple things.  I always believed that less is more.  I look at myself as a time traveler..and I am only here for a short while.  Some may ask? Where are you going?  To answer that question..Heaven someday.   So the Plastic Surgeon is out of the question.  My old Pastor one day said…We will all have jobs in Heaven.  I really hope I am a Barista and just make people laugh.  I am sure they will have coffee in Heaven.  And there will be humor there as well.  Great! Coffee…Humor… and  Jesus.  Minus the Boob and Butt lifts Thank you Very Much~