Hmmmm. They Almost Look The Same..

Blah, haha…My human pet told me that I almost look like fat cat pictured on the right…REALLY?  I am far from that!  This picture of me on the left.. is my famous picture. I was tracking a beautiful spider who was afraid to come down from the ceiling.  I know it had many eyes, I know it knew I was a cat..It just stared at cannot see me..I stayed in this position for quite awhile..all of 5 minutes..until I heard the oven door open..and ZOOOOOOM….I was high tailing it to the kitchen with my human pet…MMMmmmm……Chicken……..

Bath Time, Not Cleaning Time!

My human pet…She is kind, and loving and loves to clean.  Here I am waiting for a bath, when she tells me that she is cleaning the tub.  The tub was just cleaned 2 days ago!  So I killed another grasshopper and didn’t eat all the legs…I left 3 in the tub..and she freaks out.  Well, until I see bubbles…I am not moving anywhere. 


Chuck and Loxley tracking a fly that landing on a ceiling fan.  It managed to land and take a breather after these two were chasing throughout everywhere it landed.  I am pretty sure the fly thought at last….PEACE…Heck No! Not with these two!  You have another thing coming Mr. Fly.  You will land in someone’s mouth…I am sure of it.

Come On Human Pet…I am Healthy!

Who doesn’t LOVE FOOD?  My human pet showed me this picture of this cat in MY magazine…”Cats World”.  She told me…”Chuck, you eat a lot…Do you want to end up like this”??? She had this serious look on her face too.  Well, Duh..Human Pet..The answer is no.  I do work out!  I jump on window ledges..I jump on top of the fridge and look at you, looking for me..I jump in the tub…and trust me…all that IS a work-out.  I work up a sweat too.  I wanted her to understand that I do have a high metabolism.  I have to eat more, to lose weight.  I eat organic at times..Like the grasshopper that decided come into the house.  I guess she knew I ate him too.  His legs I still had sticking out of my mouth.  The cat that is in my magazine had type II the way.  My human pet needs to do Meditation and Yoga….BREATHE HUMAN PET….BREATHE!!! LOL


Chuck loves the water!  Waiting for a bubble bath is the high point of his day.  When he was a little guy, he would get a sponge bath from my daughter Amy, blow dry, and bottle fed.  As he got older, he figured the tub was for him.  Water would fill up, with bubbles, and Chuck would get a starting run, before he would dive into the bubbles.  Pictured here, is hears the sound of water running…it is not running fast enough.  #NeverADullMoment   Hold on Chuck..8 pm is bubble bath time my dear friend.  LOL~

No Judgement Here

A Cat who thinks she is a dog…A Dog that thinks he is a cat.  There is no judgement placed.  We can learn a lot from our pets.  The love that they have for each other is unconditional..They don’t care about color, nor being different.  As I watch these two..It makes me wonder.  What if humans can treat other humans in a kind fashion?  Not being judgemental…Not caring what color a person’s skin color is…If he or she is disabled…Rich or Poor…Who Cares?  It is all about treating each other with compassion, love, and respect.  Not laughing at a person because they are different, or do different things than you do.  Trust me here, I know what that is about.  I felt that wrath all throughout my Childhood…As I still do to this day.  Looking at my pets warmed my hearts…For they “GET IT”.  No Judgement do they feel…Just Love.