Hmmmm. They Almost Look The Same..

Blah, haha…My human pet told me that I almost look like fat cat pictured on the right…REALLY?  I am far from that!  This picture of me on the left.. is my famous picture. I was tracking a beautiful spider who was afraid to come down from the ceiling.  I know it had many eyes, I know it knew I was a cat..It just stared at cannot see me..I stayed in this position for quite awhile..all of 5 minutes..until I heard the oven door open..and ZOOOOOOM….I was high tailing it to the kitchen with my human pet…MMMmmmm……Chicken……..

Bath Time, Not Cleaning Time!

My human pet…She is kind, and loving and loves to clean.  Here I am waiting for a bath, when she tells me that she is cleaning the tub.  The tub was just cleaned 2 days ago!  So I killed another grasshopper and didn’t eat all the legs…I left 3 in the tub..and she freaks out.  Well, until I see bubbles…I am not moving anywhere. 


Human Pet!!!! We talked about this! When you are making Sushi…I have told you time and time again…To wake me up!  You know that I always check the seafood to make sure it is fresh! I don’t want to hear that I looked cute and you wanted to just let me sleep.  I already know I am cute.  Don’t give me the ” I don’t know what you are talking about look “.. I found this sushi stick on the table..and it had a little left over Salmon on it.  You are so busted human pet! GRRRrrrrrrrr!