Come On Human Pet…I am Healthy!

Who doesn’t LOVE FOOD?  My human pet showed me this picture of this cat in MY magazine…”Cats World”.  She told me…”Chuck, you eat a lot…Do you want to end up like this”??? She had this serious look on her face too.  Well, Duh..Human Pet..The answer is no.  I do work out!  I jump on window ledges..I jump on top of the fridge and look at you, looking for me..I jump in the tub…and trust me…all that IS a work-out.  I work up a sweat too.  I wanted her to understand that I do have a high metabolism.  I have to eat more, to lose weight.  I eat organic at times..Like the grasshopper that decided come into the house.  I guess she knew I ate him too.  His legs I still had sticking out of my mouth.  The cat that is in my magazine had type II the way.  My human pet needs to do Meditation and Yoga….BREATHE HUMAN PET….BREATHE!!! LOL


Author: jacoby16blog

I love animals, helping abused animals find good homes, and just loving them.

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