~ Chuck and Jacoby Enjoying Tea Day ~

It was on a Sunday afternoon  in October where the last of the Johnathon apples were hanging on the trees.  Jacoby dog decided to make a visit to his best friend Chuck the cat.  He strolled down the cobble stone path, where there were  fall leaves all around in sorts of beautiful colors.  When he stepped on them they made a crisp and crunchy sound.  Jacoby noticed the air had a  certain smell of fall.  Mixed with warm and cold weather together.  He reached Chuck’s house, where he noticed Chuck already had a beautiful table with a pretty linen tablecloth on it.  The table was under Chuck’s favorite apple tree.  Hi Chuck!, said Jacoby.  What a beautiful day is it not?  Chuck smiled, and put his hands on his hips and took a deep breath of the fall air.  It sure is!, Chuck replied.  I was so excited about our visit..Chuck said.  The tea is already.  Come and sit down and tell me what you have been up to these days.  Jacoby dog sat down with his best friend and smiled.  Chuck poured the fresh brewed Orange and Spice tea.  The two friends talked and laughed for hours.  It was a beautiful day indeed.  


Author: jacoby16blog

I love animals, helping abused animals find good homes, and just loving them.

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