No Judgement Here

A Cat who thinks she is a dog…A Dog that thinks he is a cat.  There is no judgement placed.  We can learn a lot from our pets.  The love that they have for each other is unconditional..They don’t care about color, nor being different.  As I watch these two..It makes me wonder.  What if humans can treat other humans in a kind fashion?  Not being judgemental…Not caring what color a person’s skin color is…If he or she is disabled…Rich or Poor…Who Cares?  It is all about treating each other with compassion, love, and respect.  Not laughing at a person because they are different, or do different things than you do.  Trust me here, I know what that is about.  I felt that wrath all throughout my Childhood…As I still do to this day.  Looking at my pets warmed my hearts…For they “GET IT”.  No Judgement do they feel…Just Love. 


Author: jacoby16blog

I love animals, helping abused animals find good homes, and just loving them.

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