~ Older, Stronger, and Wiser ~

Moving onward.  The world can be a scary place, even for adults.  New career, New home, and meet new people could be a scary thing.  Sometimes I really have to wonder how I made it this far.  I can be honest, and say by the grace of God is how I did it.  I am so grateful for my house that I now live in, and the payment plan God put me on to pay off certain things.  I firmly believe with all my heart, that he has done that.  Each month, something else gets paid off, or paid on until it gets paid off.  Life is never a straight road.  There are detours, curves, and what I call the wilderness.  There have been many times I have been in the Wilderness for a very long time.  Just when there seems to be no end in sight, A door opens very wide.  I am a Christian.  I to believe in Jesus.  I know for a fact that he walks with me every step I take.  The one thing that is on my heart is, No matter what I did in my life, Past, Present, or Future, I am forgiven.  People can talk about you, Gossip, or Say that you are no good.  I say…Let Them Talk.  For I am forgiven by the Son of God, Jesus Christ!  He got whipped, Beaten, Stoned, Pierced by swords, and..Nailed to the cross..All so we could live with him in eternity. I do believe in Heaven.  I was shown.  More on that story coming up.  To all of you~ Have a very blessed Monday morning~


Author: jacoby16blog

I love animals, helping abused animals find good homes, and just loving them.

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